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Games and Puzzles

Here are some diversions to enjoy throughout the summer…

BML has board games to check out as well. Call and let us know what you’d like.

Introducing BML’s Game Collection!  When it’s too cold to play outside, stop in and grab one of the games on this list!

Try Wordle!  Here’s the link!

Create your very own Blob Opera.

No vocal skills required!

Click here or on graphic.

Have fun!



Jigsaw Explorer.  Enjoy premium online jigsaw puzzles!

Featured Puzzles ~ Mystery Puzzles ~ Use your own photo or continue a saved puzzle ~ Create a custom puzzle and share it or add it to your own website ~  Put together multiplayer jigsaw puzzles with family and friends


Paint by Number Generator

1. Load an image.

2. Click some points on the image to select your color palette.

3. Click PBNify and the image will be converted to a paint by number template.

4. Save the outline and palette, print them out, and paint/color.

Privacy note: Your image will only be loaded into the browser on your computer. Nothing will be uploaded anywhere.








This Website Highlights Views Outside Windows Across the World

The WindowSwap project provides a virtual travel opportunity for those staying close to home.  Instead of staring longingly out of your own window, simply visit the WindowSwap portal to see views shared by strangers around the world.

Link to Mahjong Solitaire Games

This is the solitaire version of Mahjong where you match tiles to clear the board as opposed to the card type game with hands and players scoring points.



Brain Teasers, Riddles, Puzzles and more…

With over 15,000 brain teasers, riddles, logic problems and mind puzzles submitted and ranked by users, Braingle has the largest collection on the internet. Get ready to have your brain tangled!

 Interactive Pictionary-type game



Play Tetris online





Play Catan online for free!

You can play against the computer [bots] or choose to play against other people.





Free Scrabble from Pogo

Play alone or take on friends in this free online word game classic.




Super Coloring

For something a little more relaxing….here are some coloring pages for all ages.



Some Plink Musicfun links to try.Chrome Rhythm Make music! Experiment with sound and rhythm.  Click links and start playing!   Here are:  Plink by Dinahmoe &  Music Lab Song Experiments